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Hatteras Travel Bag

  • Happy-Nes embroidered pattern travel bags are designed to comfortably carry all your makeup items or personal belongings at home or while traveling. They are handmade and designed by using special Smooth fabric with a matte and soft-touch surface and are available in 8 color options. By choosing the color that suits your taste, you can freely express your style. These bags are not just for travel; you can also use them as everyday handbags. Our travel bags are unisex and can be used as both men's and women's handbags. You can safely carry your wallet, smartphone, cash, and keys. Our bags are handmade, and the colorful hand strap is designed using durable marine ropes. Thanks to the functional inner  pockets, you can easily store all your necessities in one bag. Happy-Nes Smooth travel bag offers the perfect blend of warmth and style, and you won't want to part with it!
  • Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 10cm
    8 color options
    Product color: blue with blue zipper
    Hand strap is included in the price
    Waterproof material
    Functional inner pockets
    Shipped with a dust bag

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