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We are not the only ones who would like a fun, colorful style. Our little friends also like being stylish! When you take your dog out for a walk, it would appreciate a chic style too, believe us. With colored, handmade dog leash designs, Happy Nes offers your little friends to be as stylish as you. When you two are walking, you can walk with stylish confidence. You have your accessories, why shouldn’t your dog have them? By choosing the best handmade dog leash design for your dog, you can make sure that they have the style they deserve.

Happy Nes Quality

When you walk your dog morning and evening, perhaps the one thing you don't like is a tangled leash. Your dog may be sluggish, or he may be active and like to run between your legs or around a pole. In these cases, the leash can twist and tighten your hand or even your dog's neck as you chase after your little friend. Eliminate this problem with Happy Nes professional sailor's rope knotted walking leashes!

The leashes, which you can use close or far away, work with a very simple looking and yet functional mechanism. The hooks that go around your dog's neck and adjust the leash length have the ability to rotate around themselves, so no matter how active your dog is, your leash will not let you down and will adapt to your dog's turns. Happy Nes walking leashes are water resistant and can be used for four seasons. Getting one of these lifetime leashes will contribute to the comfort and elegance of you and your dog. The 100-120 cm long leashes are hand washable and you can hang them to dry!

Make Your Little Friend Happy

There are also neck collars that can be combined with Happy Nes uniquely designed walking collars. You can choose from different color palettes or choose from the same color palettes. Our humble suggestion is to use the same color combinations, but we know that any mix of vibrant colors will look great on you and your dog. Now is the time to decorate your little friend, entertain him while walking him and at the same time give him the comfort of Happy Nes!