We use many different accessories during the day, especially on colorful spring and summer days. These accessories are sometimes created when we make our functional items part of our style. One of the most successful examples of functional accessories is phone hangers. Phone straps, which are ideal accessories for those who are tired of constantly carrying their phone in their hands and dropping it on the floor, can also be used as perfect complementary accessories in daily outfits. In addition to phone cases that prevent any damage to your phones, you can keep your phones safe with phone strap models that prevent situations such as getting your phones stolen or dropping them off. 

You can spice up your days with handmade phone strap models and accessories with unique designs. Thanks to its adjustable strap structure, Happy Nes handmade phone strap models aim to offer you the accessory you are looking for with its wide selection. Handmade phone straps, which you can find in any color you want, not only keep your phones safe but also allow you to have the most original style on the streets. Being able to keep your hands free while keeping your phone safely close by is great freedom that phone straps will bring! You can move freely without worrying about the possibility of your phone falling or being stolen, and you can experience this comfort with a great style.

Combine Phone Straps

Combining Happy Nes easy phone hangers with other Happy Nes products is very functional and at the same time very stylish! You can easily hang your mini wallet and hygiene spray, which are other Happy Nes handmade products, on the easy phone strap, which is the savior of the days when you don't want to carry a bag. Happy Nes mini wallets are very suitable for phone straps, because it is very useful thanks to its double-sided stitching and the length that you can easily fit all the cards of your mini wallets. You can keep your phone safe and at the same time carry everything that needs to be near your phone. Hygiene spray is also very suitable for phone straps. You can easily pull your hygiene spray, one of the habits brought by the pandemic days, from your phone strap and make it ready for use at any time. You can also consider your style when choosing among Happy Nes handmade products. In addition to phone straps, you can also choose products such as bags, accessory bags and mini wallets in any color you want and have the most original style on the streets.