For the colorful and energetic days, you might want to match your energy with the world around you. Your clothes, your accessories, all should be in accordance with nature and the world. So the first thing, match your colors! With handmade eyewear straps’ colorful threads and beads, your eyewear accessories will shine through the day. Even a simple accessory such as an eyewear strap can change your whole mood and give you a warm, breezy look. Choose the colors, and the words on your eyewear strap as you wish in the handmade eyewear strap collection of Happy Nes, and cherish your style!

Nowadays, when the choice of accessories is very important, it is now very fashionable to decorate all kinds of functional items and use them as accessories! This habit, which is quite fun, is actually a point that will allow you to show your style anywhere, anytime. Coloring your glasses and making them more functional is very easy with Happy Nes glasses hangers. Happy Nes pearl eyeglass straps are designed to adapt to every taste and every style. It is designed not only to carry your glasses but also to give life to your eyes. How about adding color to your eyes?

Stop to Losing Your Glasses

You don't have to worry about where you put your glasses when you take them off. Your eyewear strap takes care of your glasses for you, and even better, it carries them around your neck for you. So you don't have to remember where you put your glasses and you won't accidentally step on them or sit on them. Eyeglass straps that evoke the past have become very popular with the dominance of 'vintage' fashion in clothing. The Happy Nes eyeglass strap catalog, which you can find in the color combinations and patterns you want, offers you a wide selection network.

Pearl Elegance

What distinguishes Happy Nes pearl eyeglass straps from others is that they contain pearls in addition to the knitting model. There is no doubt how elegant pearls make an accessory look! You will notice a row of beads between the pearls, one on each side when you wear them around your neck. You can personalize the Pearl eyeglass straps as you wish, we write whatever you wish on the rows of beads on the right and left side. Maybe it could be the names of your children, maybe the name of your spouse, friend or even a favorite word. The pearl eyeglass strap made of natural pearls is 80 cm long, so when you hang it around your neck, it ends in the ideal place a little below your chest. Happy Nes handmade pearl eyewear strap is hand washable and compatible with any glasses; you can attach your eyewear strap to your glasses and complete your outfit. Whether you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, you can attach your eyewear strap to whichever you wear. Especially when you need to take your glasses off at school or at work, wearing them on prescription glasses ensures that you do not lose them and that they are always at hand.

For colorful and energetic days, you may want your energy to match the energy of the world. Your clothes, your accessories, everything should be in tune with nature and the world. So the first thing is, match your colors! Even a simple accessory like an eyeglass holder can change your whole mood and give you a warm, fun look. With the colorful strings and beads of handmade eyeglass hangers, your eyeglass accessories will sparkle all day long. Choose the colors and words on your eyeglass strap in Happy Nes' collection of handmade eyeglass straps and add value to your style!