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Aqua Girl Bag Strap

  • You may have heard of this wonderful product from Happy-Nes that adds a touch of style to your bags as you carry them. The Trendy Bag Strap will help make your bags even more special. Just choose a design that suits your style, and infuse some energy into the look of your bag. Furthermore, these straps are designed not only to complement your style but also with your comfort and convenience in mind. You can use them as accessories not only for your elegant bags but also for your backpacks, making your bags more fun. This handmade strap, which easily matches with all bags, offers you a unique style and comfort in your daily life. With the Trendy Bag Strap, your bag will be more than just an accessory; it will also be a reflection of your personality. You can even choose the hook color to match your bag perfectly.

  • Length: 80 cm
    Carrying Capacity: 4 KG
    3 different hook color options

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